The Executive Board

Victoria Alameda, President

Victoria is a freshman music therapy student at Immaculata University and has been a part of The Charles Seller Foundation since 2017. Victoria was the Executive Vice President in 2020-2021 and has performed in several Talent Time productions. Victoria was also a student leader and on the student Executive Board of the Nutley High School music department. She is looking forward to yet another great year with the foundation!

Fallon Garretson, Executive Vice President

Fallon is currently attending New Jersey City University and majoring in Biology. Upon graduation, she plans on furthering her education by obtaining a postgraduate degree. Fallon is an alumni of North Arlington High School and is grateful for the music department. From age 2 to the present day, she has been a part of theatre and music in some way, including ballet class to drama club all throughout middle and high school. Following in her older sister’s footsteps, Fallon began her involvement in the foundation in 2016. From then on, she has been involved in cabarets, shows and on the Executive Board as Secretary in 2019-2020 and 2020-2021.

Sarah MacVicar, Vice President

Sarah is a graduating senior at Bloomfield High School looking to major in Elementary Education. She is currently in the process of deciding where she will attend college come September of 2022! Outside of academics, she appreciates the arts in all forms, especially theater. Sarah has performed in several productions through local theater organizations, her school, and her personal favorite, The Charles Seller Foundation. Sarah first joined the foundation in their 2018 show. She has been an active and enthusiastic member of the foundation ever since, appearing in six of their other productions and being a member of their social committee for two years. Sarah is thrilled to be furthering her devotion to the foundation as the Vice President and looks forward to the amazing year planned!

Amanda Malone, Treasurer

Amanda is a graduating senior studying a BA/MA in English and a concentration in Film at Montclair State. She has also been a part of MSU Players since 2017, and is currently the Treasurer of the organization, as well as being Treasurer for The Charles Seller Foundation! She started singing in choir at 8 years old, and has been doing theatre since she was 10. Upon graduation, she hopes to continue her love of theatre in whatever way she possibly can.

Jessica McLearie, Secretary

Jessica is a proud new member of the Executive Board for The Charles Seller Foundation. She is a spirited young woman who has been doing theater since middle school as well as karate, which is her favorite sport. Whilst balancing karate and theater, Jessica has performed at the Hackensack Performing Arts Center a plethora of times and now is a karate teacher for children ranging from the ages of 3-18. She is incredibly excited to continue her journey with The Charles Seller Foundation and would like to thank everyone for allowing her to take part in helping others!

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