The Executive Board

Victoria Alameda, President

Victoria is a second-year  music therapy student at West Chester University and has been a part of The Charles Seller Foundation since 2017. Previously Victoria  has been  the Executive Vice President in 2020-2021, President in 2022, and received the Doemling award in 2018. Victoria has been a part of numerous Talent Time productions in recent years both on and off stage including Seussical, Addams Family, James and the Giant Peach, Shrek, and Putnam County Spelling Bee. She is so grateful for the community that surrounds the organization and for all of the amazing memories she has made with the organization. She is looking forward to yet another great year with the foundation!

Nicolette Cetrulo, Executive Vice President

Nicolette is a graduate from Montclair State University with a B.A. in Communications and is planning on applying for an Alternate Route program for Teaching. She is very passionate about theatre and child advocacy and has been doing theatre since she was nine years old. She first joined the Charles Seller Foundation in 2017, and has been an active member ever since. Since then, she has been involved in their shows and is now expanding beyond the stage to becoming the Executive Vice President for the coming season.

Adamarys Maravilla, Treasurer

Adamarys is a 2022 graduate of Passaic Preparatory Academy, the home of where her theater  career started. She is currently going with the flow to figure out what she would like to do later on in life. Within this time-frame she has  been doing what she loves; working at her local cafe as a barista and building up her theater resume with local theater organizations, which is how she discovered the Charles Seller Foundation. Despite this being her first year fully focusing on theater and performing arts, she shows a lot of passion for this community and loves that she can be involved in such a wonderful organization with the hopes to do so in the years that follow! She’s looking forward to being the Treasurer for the foundation and for what the year will hold for everyone else involved!

Spencer Serritella, Secretary

Spencer is currently enrolled at William Paterson University as a Communications major. They are working towards a career in voice acting/voiceover, in addition to constantly honing their singing skills. Spencer, of course, is enthusiastic about theater too; they had roles in various productions at Nutley High School and the town’s Parks and Recreation department. They worked with the Charles Seller Foundation for the first time in the summer of 2021 when they played the role of Lurch in “The Addams Family”. One year later, Spencer received the Ralph V. Turano Award for going above and beyond in their efforts to support the foundation. This was one thing, among others, that motivated them to join the board as the secretary. They can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Charles Seller Foundation, especially now that they’re playing a bigger role!

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