Get to know Gigi!

Our beneficiary, Gigi, was born with a rare brain condition called Holoprosencephaly. Genesis’s mother, Lisa, describes Genesis as her “miracle baby”. Genesis’s condition manifests in a way similar to cerebral palsy, affecting her ability to talk and walk. Her entire life has been filled with doctor’s appointments, research studies, therapy, and IFSP/IEP meetings.

Despite her struggles, Genesis still loves going to school and works very hard. She is known to be an incredibly happy girl and enjoys being treated like everyone else. She does not like to be singled out as being different. She is very much aware of the fact that life presents challenges for her and she needs to go about things differently to achieve the same outcome as her classmates, but this has never stopped her from persevering.

We are so incredibly excited for this summer and to do this all for Gigi!

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