Beneficiary Announcement 2021

The Charles Seller Foundation is delighted to announce our 2021 Beneficiary, Genesis Marie Marrero!

Meet our 2021 beneficiary, Genesis “Gigi” Marie Marrero!

Genesis, affectionately referred to as Gigi, was born with a rare brain condition called Holoprosencephaly. Her condition manifests in a way similar to cerebral palsy, affecting her ability to talk and walk. Her entire life has been filled with doctor’s appointments, research studies, therapy, and IFSP/IEP meetings. Gigi’s mother, Lisa, describes her as her “miracle baby”.

Despite her struggles that come with having Holoprosencephaly, Gigi preserves in every challenge that is presented to her. Known to be an incredibly happy, silly girl, she loves going to school and learning every day.

We are so incredibly happy to announce Genesis as our 2021 beneficiary and cannot wait for her and her mother, Lisa, to be welcomed into our family with open arms!

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