Talent Time Memories

What is your favorite Talent Time Memory!?  We are looking to collect video clips of current and past CSF members to tell us about their favorite Talent Time memories over the years. These will be included in the 70th anniversary special documentary. It can be as small or as big of a memory as you would like to share for the documentary.   Please record the video in landscape and send it through WeTransfer to sdoemling7194@gmail.com  Video submissions are due no later than Sunday, July 26.

The documentary is also going to include an SATB version of Tomorrow from Annie. We would like as many past, present, and future members of CSF to participate. Abby Miles, producer of this year’s production, will be sending out a recording of each of the parts within the next few days with recording directions. It is a beautiful arrangement that is very fitting for our organization and the current pandemic we find ourselves in.

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