This summer is unlike any The Charles Seller Foundation has seen! Since we will unfortunately be unable to present a live performance this summer for the first time in our history, we will be finding other ways to connect as a community and to raise money for our beneficiary, Megan More.

Kicking off this year’s fundraisers will be our very own social media challenge – #MovesforMegan !

Here’s how it works:

In celebration of our 70 year anniversary we will be challenging our membership (and all who wish to participate) to learn 8 dances from past Talent Time Productions!

– Each week we will be sending out an instructional video of a past dance, so you can learn the steps.

– You will seek out sponsors to have them pledge whatever amount of money they’d like to donate per dance you learn and post!

– Once you learn the dance, post a video of you performing it on your social media platforms!

– Use the hashtags #movesformegan #talenttimedancechallenge #charlessellerfoundation #70yearsofservice

-Be sure to tag us directly.

We hope this will be a fun way to stay connected, perform, and fundraise. Remember, the more dances you learn and the more sponsors you get, the more money we raise for Megan!

Send us an email at thecharlessellerfoundation@gmail.com to learn more about how to participate!

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