Hello Everyone, 

We regret to inform you that our Vice President Kellsie Cara Jones will be stepping down from her position after much careful deliberation. We will greatly miss Kellsie, but are fortunate that she is willing to aid the newly chosen VP as best she can. 

When an officer resigns from his or her position, it becomes the constitutional duty of the Executive Board to promptly find a suitable replacement among the general membership of the Charles Seller Foundation to insure that we function as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

Careful thought has gone into the decision of who would replace Kellsie on our board, and carry out the important duties of the Vice President, namely selecting the beneficiary and representing the Charles Seller Foundation as best they can. The Board met, weighed the pros and cons of each possible candidate, and after thorough review made the decision we felt was the best for the Organization. The choices were brought to a majority vote of the Executive Board. 

On behalf of the Charles Seller Foundation, we are pleased to announce Christina Haag as our new Vice President. Christina has expressed great interest in our organization, and has a fantastic, eager work ethic that will result in her performing her duties to the utmost of her ability. We believe that she will not only bring many skills to the organization this year, but will assist in the growth and prosperity of the Charles Seller Foundation in the future. 

As always, if you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact members of the board for further clarification. 

The Executive Board 

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